This work package aims to ensure that there are various mechanisms included in the project for quality control and monitoring. This is developed with the help of EU partners in addition to using tools and materials based on the previous TEMPUS CDFE project.

The sub-activities included in the Quality Plan work package are:

3.1 M & E tools and visits

This activity ensures that the project is progressing as planned through the implementation of various assessment tools developed with the help of the EU partners. These tools help measure processes and outcomes in addition to various indicators and benchmarks on an ongoing basis. Assessment tools and four M & E reports (including a final one) are produced.

3.2 Mid-term Review

Midterm meeting is held during the lifetime of the project. This comes as one of the tools that ensure the project is progressing as planned. It also helps provide for alternatives if change is needed. Sessions during the management meeting are devoted for this purpose. A technical and financial report is delivered and recommendations are discussed with partners as needed.