This work package aims at selecting teams and focal persons to help in creating a needs assessment study for each of the participating schools with the help of the EU partners who develop the necessary tools and skills. The work package also aims at coaching mentors both at Faculties of Education and Schools. Since observations are needed of current models of mentoring, Egyptian participants travel to experience such models in partner EU countries as part of this work package. EU partners also travel to Egypt to coach faculty.

The sub-activities included in the Preparation work package are:

1.1 Selection of University teams and focal persons

Partners select members from each institution to act as the focal persons who are permanent or tenured, who are able to communicate internationally, who are enthusiastic about the project and believe in change and transformation, who have sufficient time to invest in the partnership and who are willing to travel. This helps strengthen FOE-School partnership.

1.2 Complete Needs assessment

Each of the three Egyptian FOEs (ANSU,AU &HU ) help schools identify their needs based on the use of tools, methods and skills co-developed with the EU partners. This helps contextualise and tailor the skills needed in each school and acts as the main corner stone of the project in general. Fifteen baselines reports produced.

1.3 Perform Initial coaching

EU partners travel to Egypt to work closely with FOEs in Egypt to develop the necessary tools and methods for the needs assessment and coaching, they also train mentors in FOEs on various aspects of CPD, school-based PD, how to develop school clusters and models of mentorship. Egyptian partners travel to EU to observe different models. Twenty-four FOE mentors get trained and ready to train 75 school mentors as a result of this activity.