This work package ensures that the project is well coordinated and managed at every phase through various mechanisms such as meetings, the creation of a strong website and various other communication conduits. The management system of the project ensures that planning is well developed and time lines adhered to. Moreover, the management systems allocates roles and responsibilities and ensures financial accountabilities are respected. Finally, the management organizing institutes develop their own internal system of work including methods of conflict resolution.

The sub-activities included in the Management work package are:

5.1 Meetings

Four International management meetings are held among partners in the life of the project in addition to several local management meetings amongst the Egyptian partners.

5.2 Create websites

Project website is created. This helps consolidate the partners’ professional relationship and continue the dialogue. Reports and material could be uploaded on the created website for further use and dissemination.

5.3 Adjust workplan

A collaborative work plan is subject to review when necessary. The review is done during the management meetings to ensure that the work packages and activities are running and functioning as planned and to suggest any changes when necessary. This is documented through the reports.

5.4 Creation of internal organization

This component ensures internal discipline, roles, and responsibilities are clearly spelt. This helps reducing any conflicts among the partners and makes sure that the project activities and outcomes are achieved.

5.5 Technical reporting and documents review

This activity includes: following up, monitoring and reviewing documents, Terms of Reference (TORs) and reports produced by partners and writing the project reports.

5.6 Financial reporting and documents review

This activity includes: following up, reviewing and monitoring financial documents and reports produced by partners and preparing the project financial reports.