Throughout the project, there are efforts to hold workshops amongst the existing stakeholders as well as with new stakeholders. This includes policy makers from local representatives of the Ministry of Education (MoE), NGOs. The Professional Academy for Teachers (PAT), members of the Supreme Council of Universities and the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education (NAQAAE). School clusters in constant visits to each other to provide for support and disseminate ideas. Audio-visual recordings are used to help document and disseminate progress and outcomes. A conference will be held at the end of the project including national and international representatives. Research carried out throughout the lifetime of the project and documentations to be published in international journals and conferences.

The sub-activities included in the Dissemination and Exploitation work package are:

4.1 Policy dialogue

Policy briefs and Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) are the main outcome of continuing dialogue between various stakeholders during the lifetime of the project. One of the purposes of the local management meetings between partners from Egypt is to have this ongoing dialogue. This activity produces policy briefs as needed to present to decision makers in order to disseminate and sustain the results of the initiative.

4.2 Conference 

A final end of project conference to be held to present the project’s major outcomes, which will help disseminate the results across borders in the Arab region and Europe.
As a result of this conference, participants will become familiarized with the project to possibly use the model in their own institutions. Major project outcomes will be widely disseminated.

4.3 Publish studies and reports

Research and case studies in addition to reports throughout the lifetime of the project will be published in international conferences and journals. This helps in the visibility of the project at the international level.

4.4 Media briefs

Media is a strong partner of the project as it helps constantly disseminate the various activities with the aim of not only educating specialists and policy makers but also the public at large.
The main outcome of this activity is to disseminate the models and successful practices developed by the project and familiarize the public at large with such efforts.

4.5 School visits

The existing school clusters constantly exchange visits and lessons learned. The project invites other national stakeholders for field school visits to understand and observe what the activities are in operation and what they aim to achieve. This helps establishing Peer Communities of Learners that this project aims to achieve as one of its major outcomes.